Interested in joining our family? Below are a list of positions and a link to our application which can be delivered to our midtown hub.

Application for Employment

“Currently Seeking the Awesome.”

1. Happy Go Bakers

   Our midtown bakery is a constantly bustling hub of deliciousness, supplying all three locations. Bakers shifts are scheduled from early morning to night to keep up with the demand for our hand baked breads, bagels, donuts and pastries. This job can be physically demanding so being able to lift 50 lb. flour bags and stand for long periods is a must. Experience is a plus but not a must – happy and hardworking are musts!

2. Butt Kickin Line Cooks

   If you have a love for fast paced environments and the drive to improve and perfect skills this job is for you. We work to gather a team of dedicated hardcore self-motivated individuals who can take the heat of busy rushes and perform with grace in our family environment. Experience is required and breakfast skills are a huge plus. (We’re serious about our eggs) Take the leap and come see what we’re about.

   Interested? Come in and drop off an application today!