Just a sip around the corner

From sunrise to sunset, we are family owned and run and have been serving the 901 since 2008

Cafe Eclectic is a local coffee house and restaurant in Memphis, TN. The coffee bar features artisan Illy coffee and everything on our menu is made in house, from scratch. Breakfast is served all day and bread and pastries are made fresh daily.

Cafe Eclectic is a BBB Accredited Restaurant in Memphis, TN

Local Vendors

We utilize local vendors whenever possible. Marmilu Farms, Quinley & Whitworth, Dave’s Bagels, Delta Grind, are just a few of the vendors we are currently using.

Illy Coffee

We are proud to be the only coffee house in Memphis serving Illy Coffees.

Project Green Fork

We’ve been part of Project Green Fork since our doors opened in 2008 and we are now composting all of our food scraps, leftovers, coffee grinds, and virtually all waste with Compost Fairy while Get Green Recycle Works helps us with all of our recycling needs.